Ranveer Saini


Not long ago anybody would have thought that a boy battling intellectual disorder would conquer the world. And today Ranveer has. Diagnosed with autism at the age of 2 years, Ranveer has been a fighter, as all children with special needs are, DEFYING THE ODDS AND BATTLING THROUGH THE CHALLENGES…

Over the years there have been numerous interventions, therapies, special education, occupational therapy, speech stimulation, sensory diet, calming medicines, Ranveer’s childhood was a summary of a report chart that indicated slow progress. His world was limited to his parents, and caretakers as his only circle of friends.

But not for long when Ranveer’s journey took the twist of a lifetime when he was introduced to Golf. As some would say, Golf is a game of precision and focus, Ranveer took this as a challenge.  An opportunity that would push him beyond boundaries and help him confront the limits posed by intellectual disability and the insupportable social frontiers.

Golf, being a game of concentration, accuracy, body & mind control, it seemed to be the last game which Ranveer’s therapists and special educators suggested. All stumbling blocks mastered, Ranveer struggled to make his mark on the greens. As the seed of Golf was taking its roots, he started his training under the national coach Mr. Anitya Chand and began getting his grip on golf with a professional angle.

THE RISE OF RANVEER-The odds were plenty and so was his iron clad will to part ways with ‘Autism’ and tame it into a gift. UNTIL….

Until one day, that turned a new page of his life.  The Special Olympics Golf Masters 2013! The event that would unleash a champion and lay the foundation of a new entity. The lone Special needs golfer from India, the 12 year old Ranveer represented millions of hopes at Special Olympics Golf Masters 2013. A promising game for all athletes the Special Olympics Golf Masters was brimming with expectation and inspiration. With his shots winning him the Level 1 and 2 competition, Ranveer created news all across the country and the globe. Raising the trophies of victory against all difficulties, he became ‘the topic of the day’ as the entire crowd cheered him during the grand ceremony. Since then there has been no looking back!

The winner of level 1 and level 2 in 2013, winner of level 2 in 2014, Ranveer is on a winning spree. His name and his feats at the Special Olympics Golf Masters figured as a record in the Limca book of Records for three consecutive years – 2014, and 2016. He is also declared as one of the 10 people of the year 2016 award by Limca Book of Records.

A passionate golfer, the champion to give golfing stalwarts a run for their money, Ranveer’s laurels keep him going. His calendar is packed with specific training programmes, divided in days, weeks and months; sessions that are full of golf at the bunker, putting green, driving range and actual play on the course… Every single day!

Ranveer’s achievements are plenty and the leading ones can be identified well as under:

1. First Indian along with his unified partner Ms Monica Jajoo to win Gold Medal at the World Special Olympics 2015 at Los Angeles on 31st July, 2015.
2. First Indian to participate in Special Olympics -Asia Pacific Golf Masters, Macau 2013 & to win TWO GOLD medals for India in both Level 1 & Level 2 golf competitions.
3. First Indian to participate again in Special Olympics -Asia Pacific Golf Masters, Macau 2014 & to win ONE GOLD medal for India in Level 2 golf competition.
4. First youngest Indian to compete at the Special Olympics -Asia Pacific Golf Masters, Macau 2015 with 19 countries & to win a bronze medal after playing with 0-19 handicap golfers aged between 25 to 40 years old.
5. First Indian to have consecutively been a LIMCA RECORD Holder for his victories at the Asia Pacific Golf  Masters tournament for FOUR CONSECUTIVE YEARS 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.
His feats have also earned him a place in the 2020-22 edition that showcases his TWO spectacular records-
a) Most consecutive Gold Medals in Special Needs category in golf
b) Most Gold Medals won in National and International tournaments including World Games-2015 and Asia Pacific Tournament in Macau, by a Special Needs Golfer from India.

6. First Indian golfer ever to represent Special Olympics World Games.
7. Selected by the World renowned Sports Magazine ‘The Sports Illustrated’ as the Sportsperson of the year for his stellar performance at the World Games.
8. Felicitated by the Deputy Commissioner-Gurgaon, Govt. of Haryana-for his outstanding achievements in Golf.
9. Conferred upon the Indian Achiever’s Award by former PM Lal Bahadur Shastri’s son, Mr.Sunil Shastri.
10. Honoured with the PHD Sports Excellence Award by the PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry-Sports Committee.
11. Felicitated by the honorable Prime Minister Mr.Narender Modi on the Haryana Swarna Jayanti.
12. Was felicitated by the Honourable Governor of Haryana- Kaptan Singh Solanki ji, on 15th Jan’2017.
13. Ranveer Singh Saini has been conferred with the highest Sports award of Haryana, ‘Bheem Award’ by the honourable Governor of Haryana Professor Kaptan Singh Solanki on 19th February, 2017.

14. Was awarded the Talent Hunt ‘Autistic Marvel 2017’ by the National Trust – The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India

15. Gold medalist Asia Pacific Golf Masters Macau, 2017
16. Conferred with the prestigious Sports Achiever Award-2017 by the PHD Chamber Of Commerce & Industry with Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Govt. of India at the 5th Global Sports Convention 2017

17.Silver Medal at the World Games 2019 at Abu Dhabi  on 21st March 2019

18. Gold medalist Asia Pacific Golf Masters Macau, 2019

19. Gold Medal at the World Games 2023 at Berlin on 22nd June 2023

20. Has a rare feat of a HAT TRICK to win 03  medals for India at three consecutive World Games.(2015, 2019 & 2023)

This outlines Ranveer and his enormity in Golf but there is more that keeps him ahead of the game and the rest! Trailing with him are so many attributes that make him the cynosure far and wide. To pick some of them would be:

1. Pianist qualified Initial & Level 1 with the Trinity College of London. Has performed publicly at the Epicentre, India Islamic Centre & other platforms.
2. Received the Lifetime Honorary membership at the Avondale Golf Club, Sydney.
3. Received the Lifetime Honorary membership at the Ambience Greens, Gurgaon.
3. Outstanding cook at 14 years of age.
4. Perfect pitch talent in music.
5. Mathematical genius in calculation of future calendar dates.

Ranveer’s accomplishments have defined his social habits, giving a boost not only to his golf or career but also to his individuality and independence. Golf turned a new leaf in Ranveer’s life. It proved to be the catalyst what medicines, therapies, diets and interventions could not do!! It raised his self-esteem beyond measure, giving him the confidence that exudes beyond words and focus that speaks volumes of his aim to overcome the hurdles.

With his historic victory at the Special Olympics World Games, LA 2015, Ranveer has once again cut out a place for himself on the world map. His invincible prowess in golf has raised the bars for those eyeing for international titles. His making it to the world games at LA was itself a page turner in history but he capitalized this platform not only to become the first Indian at the world games but also creating ripples by his record breaking victory.

There are many takeaways from Ranveer’s victory. His ‘fight tooth and nail’ resolve towards his goal, hardwork and perseverance. But most of all his power to say no to the temptation of ‘giving up’. Been through the hardest times and finally making it to that mountain of glory, he is able to dig one compelling truth and that is ‘If you believe it, you can do it too’. Hurdles come in many disguises. But, we all can tap into that same source that lies inherent in us; by standing our ground and reminding oneself that failures are common human condition that only enable us to forge ahead.

All said and done, finally, the rise of Ranveer has credibly turned up the heat on how one can champion dreams into reality. An inspiration for all, this young lad fires an artillery on how dedication and determination can team up to tee off the marvel you are! Who knows you can be the next poster boy or the girl, belting out a new narrative to go forth and conquer.

This is just the snippet of Ranveer’s road to triumph that foregrounds those countless days of him unwilling to surrender to obstacles and travails. Meanwhile, he continues to create history while inspiring others to move mountains and carve their unique path through their unique gifts.

This is just the snippet of Ranveer’s road to triumph that foregrounds those countless days of him unwilling to surrender to obstacles and travails.

Meanwhile, he continues to create history while inspiring others to move mountains and carve their unique path through their unique gifts.

Telegram :- https://t.me/Ranveer_Golfer